Joe Hultgren - Technical Artist

  • Speeding up Rigging Code

    So our game NBA 2K18 comes out Friday so the art team has been pretty relaxed for the past couple of weeks. With this down time I’ve finally had a moment to handle our largest complaint from the character team, Speed.

  • Mayapy tips

    I’ve been working at 2K as a technical artist for the last 4 months and I have been using mayapy a lot so I thought I’d list a few tips that have saved me a lot of time or were tricky to figure out.

  • 5e Starter Set Maps

    I drew some custom maps based off the maps in the 5e starter set. The Thunder Tree map comes with roofs to be used as tokens on top of it and versions with and without webs.

  • D&D tokens

    Here are a number of tokens that I made for a D&D campaign I tried running.

  • Custom D&D Maps

    These are a couple of maps I made for fun. They aren’t tied to any campaign.

  • Mixing Maya UI elements into a QtDesigner interface


  • Tools reel

    I’ve created an updated tools reel that you can watch here or on my demo reel page.

  • Pymel's attribute system

    So last time we looked at making some utility nodes that we can use in our scripts. Today we’ll look at how to actually use them and in doing so we’ll look into how pymel handles attributes.

  • Using utility shading nodes in Pymel

    When building a rig utility nodes like mulipyDivide or reverse are a handy way of setting up functionality of controls. But after you’ve setup an IKFK blend for what feels like the hundredth time you start looking for a way to automate connecting up all those attributes.


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